how can we help you ?

Anytime you gather special friends and family it’s a memorable event.
Planning a special event can be a complex process that is important to plan in advance.
This is such an unforgettable time and we want to make sure we know everything about you so your event will be what you wished for.
There are many questions and many ideas so let’s always be on top of planning

1st – Confirm The Date!
How do you think it should be celebrated?
Work with lists- it’s always helpful! This way you never forget the details.

2nd Start developing a Guest List

3rd Choose a Location and book a site visit so we can join you!

In between – Consider the number of guests and your budget.

Book Vendors and entertainment – we can also help you as we work with the best vendors in the area!

Invitations is your next steps.

6th – Draft and finalize An Event Timeline For your event- what will be happening when?

When will guests be arriving?
When will the celebration start?
What is the agenda for the event?

Almost done!

We are here for you for any questions along the way and… every question is important!

When you choose Dushez Catering we have so many menu options for you and your guests! Share with us any idea you might have and we will make it happen!

Let’s go!

Mazal Tov!