Passover Holiday Menu 2020

Our Kitchen is Strictly Kosher
Seder Plate available to order with our Home Made Amazing Charoset- $25
Minimum order for 8 pp / Choose one per Category
All Orders must be in by March 29
– Curb Side Pickup on Monday April 6th 9am- 3pm

Chopped Liver – Meat or Vegetarian option
o Homemade Hummus
Soup Choices
o Vegetarian Traditional Matzo Ball Soup
o Chicken Stock Matzo Ball Soup
o French Onion Soup
o Middle Eastern Fava Beans and Beef Stew
Salad Choices
o Sweet Purple Cabbage Salad with Citrus
fruit and fresh mint – Citrus Dressing
o Mesclun Greens with Cherry Tomatoes,
Julienne Mango and Dried CranberriesSweet Vinaigrette
o Baby Spinach, Red Onion, Chopped
Cucumbers, Grilled Pineapple and Toast
Side Dishes Starch Choices
o Basmati Rice, Sautéed Onions & Raisins
o Roasted Garlic Baby Bliss Potatoes
o Baked Sweet Potato, Rosemary Herb Blend
o Steamed Broccoli and Carrots

Entrée Choices
o Dijon, Shallots & Cherry Tomatoes Brisket
o Grilled Chicken Breast with a mushroom
and Red wine Reduction
o Curry Coconut Grilled Boneless Chicken
o Baked Fillet of Salmon with a Lemon and
dill white wine sauce
o Stuffed Chicken Breast with Herbs & Dry
Fruit, Balsamic Wine Sauce
Vegetarian Option:
o Eggplant Rollatini, Potatoes and chickpeas
o Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushroom
o Spinach & Chickpeas Muffins
Side Dishes vegetables Choices
o Carrot and Sweet potato Tzimmes
o Potato Kugel
o Roasted Beets, Raspberry Balsamic Sauce
o Two Color Zucchini with Dill Vinaigrette
o Asparagus, Lemon Garlic warm vinaigrette
o Roasted Cauliflower, sweet Turmeric sauce
Dessert Platter: Passover Brownies, Coconut
Flavored Macaroons and more

o Package Fish Meal – $29.75 – $238
o Package Brisket Meal – $34.75 – $278
o Package Chicken Meal – $26.75 – $214
160 Herrick RD, Newton, MA 02459