School Lunch Program 2022-2023

Please select the semester in which you would like to order the meals. You can then select the days and type of meal for each day by selecting the dedicated image meal. If you wish, you can add another meal for certain days. Please note – each meal is packaged separately for each child by name and arrives at the school. You can also add another meal to the order for specific days at a discounted cost. If you are interested in placing an order for additional children, perform the ordering procedure in full again, add the order to the shopping cart and win a discount

Instructions for ordering

All meals are inclusive of a fruit and vegetable

All foods being offered for this Lunch Program will be nut free, however, please be aware that the facility itself may be used for food items that include nuts on occasion.
If other allergy accommodations are needed please contact Yoel directly for information [email protected]

Deadline for the first semester is Sep 5 2022
Deadline for the second semester is Dec 1 2022
Deadline for the third semester is April 10 2023

Please note that the selections are per semester as a minimum signup.

If you wish to take a look at our Year menu offering, please click here

Lunch Program Cancellation/Policies

To cancel your meal program please email Yoel at   [email protected].

Please be aware that at least one week of notice is required.

Refunds will be issued only for future meals.

No refunds are available for meals that have already been provided

Food Item Change
To change your meal selection please email Yoel at   [email protected]

Please be aware that meal selections can be changed only within the first 3 weeks of the term and it may take up to one week to implement the requested change.

The Deadline for change requests in Term 1 is Sep 28.
The Deadline for change requests in Term 2 is Dec 23rd. 

The Deadline for change requests in Term 3 is April 28.